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Centree Technologies Private Limited

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Centree Technologies Private Limited is an innovation hub which aims at changing lives with technology. It can be achieved with a handful of highly passionate & dedicated people who can innovate up to infinity.

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About Us    

We focus on large technology projects for educational platforms, medical institutions, real estate and trading firms, letting them soar sky high.


The Company    

Centree Technologies Private Limited is a vibrant Information Technology Company deals in Website development, Web & Desktop Application development, Design works, Mobile Application Development, Advertisements & Live streaming. We are fanatic in innovation, passionate in technology and we have a mission to change life with information technology.

Explore the Centree

  • Our Vision

    To be the most trusted Information technology...

  • Our Mission

    To provide innovative and high quality services...

  • Our Passion

    We are passionate about creating amazing products...

  • Our Values

    To be trustworthy .We have dedicated and talented...

Our Services    

Our aspiration is to create amazing projects for industries which are people centric; such as Education, Medical, Real estate, Trading, etc..

  • Branding and design   

    We believe that everyone should have access to stunning design to make themselves visible in today’s fast paced world.

  • Website development   

    We helps you to create a responsive design at a stunning and affordable price.

  • Software development   

    We focuses on providing ERP solutions to our customers to help them organize & streamline their activities.

  • Mobile Application Development   

    We can deliver well designed and functional mobile applications

  • Promotion and advertisement   

    We take pride in delivering the best advertising solutions for the unique needs of our unique customers.

  • Live streaming   

    We help you easily and securely stream all your events in a easy to use and robust platform.